Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ups and Downs

So the beginning of this week was kind-of a bust-- upon arriving in Paris from Barcelona I got a fever and stayed in bed the rest of the day. Monday, I tried to go to the doctor, but alas, there was another French holiday and I wasn't able to make an appointment. So there goes another day of staying in bed all day, but the good news is I found a new television show that I'm now obsessed with! Tuesday I finally got a doctors appointment, and I got to wander the streets of Paris alone.. with a fever.. in the rain.. So not the best situation, but I actually enjoyed seeing a part of the city that I've never been to before. The American Hospital in Paris is on Boulevard du Chateaux, and if I ever move to Paris, that's where  I want to live. It was beautiful! Thankfully, French doctors are very liberal about prescribing medicine, so I got everything I needed at the local pharmacy on my way home, and rested for the rest of the day. 
Wednesday, my friends Meagan and Nicole were going to the Seine river and Shakespeare and Co. book store, so I decided to tag along. It was a really cool little store, PACKED with all different types of books. We had a ball looking through all of their selections and at the different old books. 

After our tour de english books, we wandered through the back streets near Notre Dame and saw some cute little Salon de The boutiques and found the BEST gelato place EVER. They made their ice cream cones look like artwork!
Amazing Gelato
Beautiful Tea Room restaurant

We also passed through the park that holds the oldest tree in Paris (maybe the world?), which was planted in 1602!!

Planted in 1602--Crazy!!

Thursday I went with Nicole, Janna, and Jennifer to see the monument where the Bastille used to be. We thought there would be a museum or something else of interest near the monument, but we were wrong! We did get to see a beautiful park next to the Seine river and we also found our favorite Patiserie in all of Paris!
Me, Nicole and Janna in front of the Bastille monument

Walkway in the park

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