Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fleeting Wishes

You probably don't know me, but I'm rather fond of liminality
being in-limbo, -transit, -between
I like the ambience of the airport, 
watching planes fly above the treetops, 
wondering where everyone is off to..

Kind-of like jumping off a cliff
Anticipating the splash into the waves

With many of my friends galavanting around foreign places,
my mind wanders to dreams of visiting a far-off corner of the world...
but as my wallet tightens (or should I say, deflates) 
I may just settle for some skipping across the pond
Paris in springtime?

England again, maybe?
Jump on a train to Bath or Sussex, 

Bike the streets of Oxford once more...

One of my good friends (and sorority sister) is spending the semester in Oxford
This love lady (pictured here)
Is studying at Regents Park, a college within Oxford University.
Hopefully we'll expand our photo-board settings from Hilton Head & the backcountry of Alabama
to the beautiful English country side. 
Backpacking here I come, maybe? 

One can dream!

*Please note, I do not take credit for all of the photos in this post. I am not trying to steal anything & if I could figure out how to connect a link to a photo, I would!*

Starting Fresh

This past week was the beginning of classes. 
I'm looking forward to my schedule for Spring,
I have 2 Women's Studies classes,
(Women's History & Black Feminism)
Which I will hope will open my mind 
and stretch my comfort zone.
Haa, the women's "movement"
In relation to Women's Studies, 
I was surprised to find out that a paper I wrote was accepted to 
SEWSA 2012 the SouthEastern Women's Studies Association conference.
It blows my mind that I was selected to present here..
In front of people who study and make a living off of Women's & Gender studies.
I'm honored and impatiently awaiting my departure to the wonderful Washington DC.
More to come about my paper topic 
(Which appeals to a large part of women, I hope)

I'm also taking two International Affairs classes
East Asian Political Systems
(China, Japan, Korea mainly)

and drum roll please
A practicum called Methods and Issues in Security Studies
Basically, I'm learning research methods so next fall
I get to work with the Center for International Trade and Security.
Needless to say, I'm very excited. 

It's going to be an interesting, yet hard semester
and I'm looking forward to every minute of it!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello 2012

As is tradition, 
I've decided to come up with a few
 New Years Resolutions.
Resolution Number One:
Blog every week.

I'm going to try my best,
So I've imported & combined my two blogs. 
This should be fun!
Here's to a new(ish), improved blog.

I'm still learning about the blogosphere, 
therefore any comments, hints, tricks, or advice
is greatly appreciated.