Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So much for writing every day...
Sadly, life & the stresses of undergrad caught up to me
But here's a picture slideshow of what I've done the past few months!

 I went to DAYGLOW, a ridiculous rave where they toss paint at you

Turned 21!

Added a new "staple" to my fashion closet
Introduced my friends to the joy of Pimms
Enjoyed some awesome bluegrass music

Hung out with my birth dad on his birthday
Met with executives for Strategic Trade Controls
Spent Spring Break with my CITS Family in DC
Visited Washington DC and fell in love

Hung out with the best kids ever! (see next caption to understand)

These are the CISV kids I'm taking to Indonesia in June!
Enjoyed lazy days in the BEAUTIFUL Athens, GA

As well as a few rainy days
Watched over 40 foreign delegates take Walmart by storm

And took the delegates to experience Athens, GA

Enjoyed a wonderful Naked and Famous concert
And got to meet the band! AHH!!
Dyed Easter Eggs with my brothers!

Had a few family weekends

Hung out with my little & baby brothers

And went to my baby brother's christening

Worked at the UGArden with Campus Kitchens
Helped lead the Campus Kitchen Project get an award!
And spent a relaxing weekend at the lake with my favorite CITS people
All in all, it's been one of the best semesters of my college career. 
You can see why I haven't blogged for a while... 
But I hope to do better and then blog A LOT when I leave for South Africa
 (ONLY 25 DAYS!!!!)