Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday's Sentiments

I feel so...Thankful.
Today was much needed. 

The afternoon was spent driving through the Georgian countryside, next to one of my life-long best friends. 

Although we no longer have sleep overs every Saturday, and go months without speaking due to conflicting schedules and time zones...
whenever we are reunited, it's just like old times.  

She always reminds me to never regret, and always push forward.
I wonder if she'll ever know how much she truly means to me. 

So today, I feel thankful. 
Thankful for the friendships that mean the world, and that withstand the tests of time.
Thankful to know that someone, somewhere, will always believe in me.
Thankful that we've come this far
and we still have somewhere to call home.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fresh Start; New Beginnings

Travelling this summer inspired me to take my time, relax, and enjoy life. Hopefully this blog will provide an outlet to this crazy thing we call life.

At home in Athens.

The hustle and bustle of Oxford, England proved to be too much fun to allow time for blogging. 

Here are a few highlights:
-sweet smelling lawns & bright flowers
-walking everywhere: the joys of not using a car for 3 months
-summer romances/flings/friends
-Ireland's countryside
-Beach trips to Spain with girlfriends
-"lock-down-pizza-party" and the joy of friendship
-kebab runs at 3 am
-new people opening new perspectives on life
-writing 10 page papers in under 4 hours
-bonding over common law and international conflict
-"The title of my paper will be: 'Not My Problem' "
-biking around Oxford
-the smell of library books
-the cellar, kings arms, bridge, lava ignite
-nail polish parties & gossip time
-not sleeping
-tea time with biscuits and digestives

There are so many things I could put on this list. This summer was the most eye-opening, soul-searching, self-finding experience of my life. My perspective has changed about the world, relationships, life in general. 

Maybe I'm finally learning how to relax. Probably not. 

All I know is that my travels through France and especially living and travelling around England was the best decision of my life. I no longer know what I want to do, but I'm willing to take the time to find out.

The best is yet to come.