Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday's Sentiments

I feel so...Thankful.
Today was much needed. 

The afternoon was spent driving through the Georgian countryside, next to one of my life-long best friends. 

Although we no longer have sleep overs every Saturday, and go months without speaking due to conflicting schedules and time zones...
whenever we are reunited, it's just like old times.  

She always reminds me to never regret, and always push forward.
I wonder if she'll ever know how much she truly means to me. 

So today, I feel thankful. 
Thankful for the friendships that mean the world, and that withstand the tests of time.
Thankful to know that someone, somewhere, will always believe in me.
Thankful that we've come this far
and we still have somewhere to call home.

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