Monday, June 6, 2011


So today Kat, Leah and I went to buy our train tickets for our rendezvous in the South of France (Cannes & Aix en Provence). When we got to the ticket counter, the lady informed us that there were no available seats on ANY trains going to Cannes or Aix en Provence until Sunday. We were highly upset. Kat mentioned Barcelona, the ticket woman worked some magic, and voilĂ  we're going to BARCELONA on Wednesday!!! We booked our hostel, and it's even eco friendly and runs on renewable and recycled energy! I am beyond excited for this vacation & more than ready to lay out on the beach and relax. 

After our fiasco at the train station, we met up with the usual suspects (Bri, Tierney, Kat, Leah, Park, Collette, Wyatt, and Sean) and took the metro to a part of town that was supposed to have cool vintage and thrift stoors.. turns out that it was just part of the ghetto. So that was an adventure in itself. 

It's really nice to know that I can get around the city by myself now through the Metro. I love feeling self sufficient and somewhat like a Parisian (even though I'm far from it). The street fashion is beyond amazing here. I'm going to start taking pictures of les femmes et hommes du mode. 

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