Friday, June 10, 2011


We've now been in Barcelona for 2 nights and this is my favorite place we've been so far. I absolutely love this town, and I'm thinking about coming back between my Study Abroads and working at the hostel so I can stay for free. Our train ride out of France was rather long, but we passed the time playing cards and talking about our fun memories and we probably made everyone else on the train angry because we kept laughing. It was a really fun time for travelling for a significant time in the same train car.
We arrived at our hostel around 11, and since our room wasn't ready we decided to go find food somewhere. Speaking of hostels-- Our hostel is AMAZING!!! It's eco-friendly, uses recycled water for showers, solar energy, and it's full of amazing people. We're also pretty close to the metro, so that's nice for getting into the city. Anyway, back to our first night: after we checked into our hostel, we walked towards the metro in search of food. We randomly came across a little restaurant/bar that opened just for us. The bartender/cook, Enrique, made us hotdogs and fries and let us DJ and even mix a few drinks behind the bar. It was really fun. He also took me for a ride around the town on his scooter, it was SO much fun, yet mildly terrifying but definitely worth it.
Thursday morning we woke up and explored a little bit of the city, which led us to the shopping district. They have SO many awesome stores here! I could shop all day, which is not good for my bank account. We forgot bathingsuits, so we had to invest in new ones. After a little while we wandered around and finally found the beach. It was pretty packed but we were able to find a seat near the water. We stayed from 12ish until about 6:30--Needless to say I am now the color of a boiled lobster. I completely forgot to wear sunblock.
Last night we stayed in the hostel and hung out with a lot of new friends, then we ate Paella on the porch, which was phenomenal! And soon after we finished dinner, we went back to our favorite bar/restaurant and hung out with Enrique again.
Today we accidently slept in until 11:30 because our room is a little hibernation hole-- the blinds keep ALL the light out, so it's pitch black no matter what time of the day it is. All day long, it was raining (i.e. POURING) which made it really hard for us to go into town and do anything. We did go into the little neighborhood where our hostel is and found the best restaurant we've eaten at in a long time. They made fresh salad with grated feta cheese and they also made homemade lasagna with all fresh ingredients. On the way back to the hostel, the sky fell out and a torential down pour soaked us in minutes. Since we've been back, we met some new Canadians and hung out with them as well as our Brazillian and Australian friends again. Even though it was a nasty, rainy day we still had fun and had a couple of adventures. Tonight shoud be an amazing night! Get ready to read about our shenanigans tomorrow!!

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