Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pictures Galore

Here is a "photo gallery" if you will. I'll post again tonight with the happenings of this week. 


The little girls who serenaded us with a Taylor Swift song

Terrace at our Hostel

Part of the Historic District

The Sagrada Família Basilica

They were SO much fun to watch & listen to!!

Leah and Kat in front of the band

Girls weekend in Barcelona!

The Metro

The Marina!!

Finally, a beach weekend!!

The day was BEYOND beautiful

Sailboats on the horizon; I'm in heaven

The little girl was dancing with her mom

Leah & I in front of the square where one of the bands was playing

Side street near the beach during the festival

Bubble Art

Shakespeare and Company!

Nicole & Meagan out front!

Meagan and me out front!

Oldest Tree in the Wold

When it was planted: 1602!!

Exploring Parisian Side Streets

Where we ate our "Welcome" Dinner!

There are pastries on every corner...

..and crepes- How do Parisians stay so thin!?



And SO beautifully put in a cone! (Chocolate, kiwi, raspberry)

Love at first sight

Meagan, Nicole, Brittany, Morgan & me before the comedy show

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