Monday, June 13, 2011

Barcelona=not real life.

So our second full day in Barcelona, it poured the entire day. We tried to venture out, but we didn't get very far at all. It was kind of nice to be able to just lounge around the hostel and watch movies and hang out with some of the other people staying there for the day, though. We cooked some pasta for dinner & hung out with a group of Canadians, Australians, and a girl from England, as well as Jasper a guy from California who's living/working at the hostel for the time being. Then everyone got ready & we went out for a night on the town... Little did we know that "nights" in Barcelona turn into mornings. We went to a huge club called RazMataz, which had 3 or 4 stories & played some pretty cool music. At 5 am, the metro finally opened, so we found the closest station & had the time of our lives trying to get back to the hostel.. Rather, we had to find a "gratuit" bus from the Metro to the station where the train picked up again-- the lady working at the metro explained how to find the bus.. in spanish.. and I actually understood her!! We got to see the sunrise as we walked up the hills to our hostel though, so that was pretty cool.
We woke up at noon, then went to the beach again for a couple of hours. As we walked to the beach, there were hundreds of people in the streets of Barceloneta and about 100 bands (marching bands, some with kids) were playing in the Spanish version of a parade. The music was so much fun & we danced with some of the little kids who were marching with some of the bands. After the beach we went shopping at some of my favorite Spanish stores-- Bershka & Stratavarius. That night we hung out with Jasper and the french guy (who was a drag queen). It was really fun because Roony, an Italian guy who takes people on a tour of the downtown life, told us some hilarious jokes and did a routine with some glowing/light changing balls on ropes. It was really cool with the stars out above us and the city lights of Barcelona behind him.
The next morning we had to wake up bright & early to get to our train station & I started to feel sick. Later that afternoon I started to get a fever & I've been in bed ever since. It's started pouring again here, which is rather sad. I'm ready for some sunny days so we can visit more sights in Paris, such as Napoleon's tomb & other touristy sights. Oh well, at least it's nasty weather while I'm sick!

Pictures to come as soon as I upload them to my computer!

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