Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Island Hopping

Early Monday morning we got on another trike, and headed for the local harbor. It was time to hit the water and go island hopping for the day!
(These are the trikes)

After a long boat ride through a rain shower, we had arrived at our first destination—Bulog Island! A little damp but we were excited to warm up on the beach. The water was crystal clear and the most amazing shade of blue at the same time.  

Our next stop was the beautiful Banana Island, where we had lunch. 

The fresh fish and crab on this trip made the entire vacation. I’ve never had such fresh seafood. Our fish was caught earlier that morning and the tour guides would grill the whole fish on the back of the boat. Pair fresh fish with some rice and a seaweed/eggplant dish, and you have a full, happy tour group. 

No need for forks and knives for these bad boys, out here you eat with your hands!

Danvic liked it so much he stayed for 4ths, and made a new friend.

Our last stop was Malcapuya Island, and it was a glorious final destination. 

The beach was beautiful with clear water and warm sand, there were also many places for exploration and adventures. 

We found a couple of starfish in the water and decided they would become great swim accessories. 

After a long day of playing in the surf & sand followed by a savory meal of coconut and chicken soup, I fell asleep soon after the sun went down… Sunburned, but satisfied. 

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